Welcome to our website giving more details on our proposed bridge linking Brentford to Kew.

A dramatic new bridge linking Brentford with Kew on the upper reaches of the tidal Thames will open up walking and cycle networks linking green spaces and riverside paths, enhance access to Kew Gardens and improve connections between commercial and cultural centres on both sides of the river and throughout west London.

The bridge was originally developed by Acanthus Architects LW for a Transport for London exercise. On the northern side, the rhythmic wood and steel ‘spine’ structure will rise from a publicly accessed promontory near to Ferry Quays development and the access to the River Brent.

The section of the Thames between Kew Bridge and Richmond Lock Bridge is one of the longest stretches of the tidal Thames without any kind of crossing. The new bridge will open up access to Kew Gardens, Richmond town centre and Richmond Park for Brentford’s rapidly growing and diverse communities, with major new developments for the town centre and other riverside sites. Waterman’s Art Centre in Brentford will be moving to a new site closer the town centre and will be better accessed by residents of Kew and Richmond on the south side of the river. The town centre developments will open up the historic docks and waterside where the Grand Union Canal, linking London to Birmingham, and the River Brent join the Thames. Brentford’s past industrial incarnation, once disdained from the Kew side, will be part of a more widely accessed cultural and industrial heritage offer in these communities and throughout west London.

The Thames Landscape Strategy, an important ongoing study and strategic plan for the ‘Arcadian Thames’ between Hampton and Kew, envisages a revival of the old ferry crossing at this site, either by ferry or bridge. Kew Gardens Landscape Master Plan in 2010 also suggests an ‘elegant footbridge’.

The new bridge will also help to provide a creative engineering solution to flood risk on the residential development site at Ferry Wharf by providing raised access for escape routes.

Project’s Ambition

The Ferry Wharf footbridge will become an exceptional and appropriate architectural landmark for West London, with an ambition to:

  • improve traffic-free walking and cycling links between Brentford on the north side of the river and Kew on the south side – avoiding heavy traffic on Kew Bridge Road and Kew Bridge;
  • link green spaces and parks – Syon Park, Waterman’s Park, Kew Gardens and Richmond Park – improving access and use, encouraging fitness and wellbeing;
  • connect commerce and culture – Kew Gardens and Richmond town centre with Waterman’s Art Centre, London Museum of Water and Steam, hotels, Brentford FC (also moving to a new site), the major regeneration focus on Brentford town centre, and beyond into west London.


The project has an estimated budget of £10m which it aims to raise through public and private sources, and is likely to be in two stages: a development stage followed by implementation.

Potential funders can support the project by:

  • providing guidance on approaches for funding applications, including relevant criteria, outputs and benefits
  • helping with introductions to high level individuals and decision makers

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