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The Bitcoin Bridge?

We are looking at innovative ways to fund our bridge. So we are accepting donations using Bitcoin.

Lets face it Bitcoin does not always have a good reputation – lots of people associate with money laundering etc. So here is an opportunity to create a good news story for Bitcoin. You might say it will help bridge Fiction’s credibility gap! (Sorry!)

More information is available on other pages on our website. In short we are looking to create a new bridge across the Thames linking the historic town of Brentford with Kew (adjacent to the World Heritage Site at Kew Gardens). Thus   creating a new open space with associated health, transport environmental – and business benefits.

If you would like to use Bitcoin to support the Brentford Gate Footbridge then please use the following wallet address: –


Meeting with Our Crowdfunders – Spacehive – 20th March

Spacehive was very positive about our bridge and confident we should be able to raise £150k we are looking for. This needed to fund the necessary assessments and options appraisals and to submit planning application. It will also help fund a body to take forward further work on the bridge.

They explained that  a Mayor for London fund will be available and could fund the project up to a value of £50k. We will await the opening of this fund so that our bid comes as close as possible to meeting the criteria for funding from this.

It was proposed – and subsequently agreed – that we should carry out a public meeting / consultation to publicise the bridge and seek support for it.

These factors mean that the launch of the crowdfunding is now scheduled for June 2017.

We also reviewed our proposed bid and who we might target to help with funding.

Brentford Community Council Meeting March 13

A short presentation made to the BCC, explaining our plans for the bridge. Genrally the meeting was very supportive. Most like the idea of a bridge of of supplying a new facility for Brentford residents.

One concern expressed was that the Bridge may encourage those visiting Kew Gardens to try to park their cars in Brentford. However as parking is limited they are likely to be quickly discouraged!